Artist Statement


Mashing up sounds with colors.


I am fascinated by the basic building blocks of creative exploration. My work is inspired by my processes of crafting and synthesizing simple sounds from the low hum of the base to the silkiness of strings. As a sound designer, I pay attention to the colors that emerge from each level of frequency. My work is an exploration—a concoction brewed from the textured auditory imagery I produce.


The artwork orchestrated challenge all visualizers and listeners to deconstruct and decipher what they hear musically in a modern, edgy, fashionable way. I use geometric shapes to illustrate the grooves of square, triangle, saw, and sine waves. Fine sand is mixed with vivid hues of oil paint to tangibly capture textured layers of sound. My work is an invitation intended to be shared and experienced in any creative site.


Behind Sleepyfoot?


Sleepyfoot? is Brooklyn based sound designer and visual artist Manon Casimir. Her art stems from influences of experimental, hip-hop, easy rock, classical, and world music genres as well as scores from film and video games. Aside from being selected for the prestigious Sing For Hope Piano project, Manon has exhibited in NYC, Washington, California, Maryland, Illinois, North Carolina, co-curated in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and is affiliated with Harvestworks Studios.