Synesthesia, a cross-section between multiple senses, was once thought to be a particular neuro-disorder of the brain. Overtime, synesthesia has become more embraced as synesthetes, people who have grown with this phenomenon, have opened up about their experiences. One of the forms of synesthesia include grapheme-color, the representation of color with numbers and/or letters. Another, auditory-tactile, focuses on sensations in the body through different sounds. Chromesthesia is the relationship between sound and color. The occurrence of chromesthesia is exhibited through this artwork.


The collection of “Compositions” draws inspiration from processes of listening, crafting, and synthesizing simple sounds while experiencing synesthesia from the low hum of a base guitar to the silkiness of strings. The use of color is paid close attention to as it depicts various levels of frequency. Geometric shapes are used to illustrate the grooves of square, triangle, saw, and sine waves as well as the collision of various instruments. Fine sand is mixed with vivid hues of oil paint to tangibly capture layers of sound. The work is an exploration—a concoction brewed from the textured auditory imagery of electronically produced music.